Unveiling the Craft Behind ARIANNA ANDREAS' Luxury Fashion Pieces

Unveiling the Craft Behind ARIANNA ANDREAS' Luxury Fashion Pieces

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Today, we would like to pull back the curtain and give you an inside look into the meticulous process behind the creation of your beloved ARIANNA ANDREAS pieces. Many of you have come to appreciate our Luxury Statement Pieces and Elevated Everyday Essentials that blend exquisite materials, empowering inspiration, and timeless versatility. But have you ever wondered how these creations go from initial concept to your wardrobe?

The journey begins with conceptualization and design. Our founder and creative director, Paige Andreas, is the heart and soul behind every collection. She channels her passion for fashion, creativity, and connection with people into innovative designs that embody the ARIANNA ANDREAS ethos. Each piece is carefully thought out to ensure that it helps women feel confident, empowered, and stylish.

Following the design phase, we enter the realm of feasibility, a critical step where we work closely with our California-based partner, AV Made. They conduct an in-depth review of our designs, assessing the feasibility of production without compromising the integrity of our vision.

Next, comes sourcing and material selection. Sustainability, quality, and luxury form the backbone of ARIANNA ANDREAS' material selection process. AV Made leverages its extensive network to source materials such as silk, leather, cashmere, linen, and wool, aligning with our commitment to quality and sustainability.

Once we have our designs and materials in place, we move on to sampling and quality control. AV Made creates prototypes of our designs, a critical phase that allows us to assess the workmanship and verify that the quality aligns with our stringent standards. Every sample is inspected, tried, and tested, with Paige approving each step.

With the prototypes refined and approved, we progress to production and manufacturing. AV Made is renowned for its full-package apparel manufacturing and is committed to a quick turnaround time. This efficiency ensures ARIANNA ANDREAS can bring fresh designs to you faster, without compromising the excellence we're known for.

Finally, we reach the delivery and fulfillment stage where we handle logistics and delivery, ensuring your chosen ARIANNA ANDREAS pieces reach your doorstep promptly and in perfect condition.

The partnership between ARIANNA ANDREAS and AV Made is a union of shared values and a shared vision. Together, we work tirelessly to provide you with a fashion experience that is luxurious, empowering, and unforgettable. We believe in Fashion that Inspires and our commitment to this belief is evident in every stitch, every seam, and every finished piece.

From concept to creation, our dedication to crafting the highest quality, luxurious, and empowering pieces remains unwavering. At ARIANNA ANDREAS, every piece is more than just clothing – it's a symbol of your strength, ambition, and dreams. As we continue to create and inspire, we're proud to have you along for the ride!!